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Let’s acknowledge that things have changed. Living through the second decade of 21st century is different, and we need new attitudes and approaches to navigate through this time. What used to help career success and life fulfilment no longer works.

Many of us never take a moment to think about how we can sculpt our work and life to match our truth and reality. The desire of trying new things, changing the old patterns and starting new chapters are all of our reality.


In 2012 Anahita Mahmoudi started her career as an IT consultant in one of UK's leading Management Consultancy firm with a drive for design and innovation in the technology sector. Her approach to technology, people and services was perceived as a compelling combination, which lead to her being the fastest promoted graduate to the role of Managing Consultant in the company. Anahita discovered leadership at an early stage in her career which later on inspired her to start her coaching career as a young professional.

Anahita has coached and mentored over 100 young professionals.  She has designed training roadmaps, delivered workshops and developed a career development model, providing a viable route for advancement. In 2016 she was involved in The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, helping exceptional young people transform their lives.   In 2017 she published and presented a revolutionary youth leadership theory in the International Leadership Association’s 19th Annual Global Conference in Brussels, Belgium.  In 2019, Anahita was named one of the top 100 most influential women in the UK's tech sector and role models for the future by WeAreTechWomen.

Anahita is encouraged to guide the new generation in achieving their goals at work and in their personal lives in today complex world. In 2020, she launched 'All-Aware' to help more individuals to aware of their full potential to embrace change in the workplace and life.


Her approach focuses and optimising the functioning of the mind using modern training and coaching methods. Her ethos considers connecting to the true values of humanity and life as they lead us in the transition from the present time to a new future world.

Anahita has a passion for helping underprivileged children and is on a mission to help those whose life is affected as the result of war and violence around the world. She is an Associate Fellow of St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, personal development coach at Code Your Future and an ambassador for Goodwill Caravan charity.

Anahita has a BSc (First Class Hons) in computer science, MSc in advanced methods in computer science and a coaching certificate from the University of Cambridge.

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