“We are now in the era of do-it-yourself career development” —Carter Cast, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To be available in spring 2021

Why Enrol For The Career Development Course?

Finding a right job is one of the biggest challenges of our time. But building a career, unlike finding a job, is a lifetime pursuit. The days of linear progression belong to history. Approaching today's market require a more open mind.

“We are now in the era of do-it-yourself career development” —Carter Cast, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Succeeding in this modern environment requires not only a thorough understanding of what career suits you and how to achieve it. Even more importantly, you must know how to continue to build and grow your career.

Course Overview

This online course combines logical, practical, tested methods with storing telling and active imagination techniques to help you work through your complex questions and goals. You will onboard on a journey of discovery and reflection to define your strengths and career destination to design a roadmap to reach it. On this journey, you learn processes will help you to stretch and clarify your thinking. This course is not going to make or save you any money, but it will give you the tools and knowledge to deepen our self-awareness to improve your career prospects and improve your competencies. Whether you’re looking for your first job, seeking a new opportunity, or overcoming career hurdles, this course will help you to take control of your own career path.

Who Is This Programme For?

This online course is designed for those who are building their careers and want a fulfilling career path

  • Participants will engage, via video lectures, live webinar and access to online materials on their own time.

  • They will be provided with cutting-edge techniques and research  to reflect on what career development means in their industry

  • They will also offer unique tools proven to help individuals define sound plans to achieve and thrive in this fast-changing job landscape

  • These frameworks reflect the realities of modern industry, then challenge the participants to use them in relevance to their own circumstances


Module 1: Beyond a job search

  • Know yourself

  • Identify your career interests, values, and skills

  • Vision

  • Growing mindset

  • Passion or purpose

  • Where do you fit

Module 2: Your career path

  • Career myth

  • Job landscape

  • Goal setting

  • 3i - Intent/ Interest / Invest

  • Where do you fit

  • Before and after interview

Module 3: Career development

  • Mandatory skills for any job

  • Revolutionary skills

  • Competitiveness and uniqueness

  • Become an Agile learner

  • Comfort & stretch Zone

  • Overcome career hurdles

Module 4: Career growth

  • Worried about a dying industry

  • Career support

  • Cultivate your network

  • 4D model (Discover Dream Design Destiny)

  • Motivations & engagement

  • Assess yourself

Course Facilitator

Anahita Mahmoudi, the founder of All-Aware, is a consultant, facilitator and coach, with 10 years of experience in corporate and management consultancy. She leads on course creation and delivery of career development and has experience of providing training to all levels from graduates to VPs and diverse teams. Her work is focused on educating and coaching the new generation who are making the transition into the industry. She is passionate about advancing the next generation of leaders and change-makers. She uses creative tools and techniques to to raise awareness about life-changing decisions.

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