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My Story


"Change of perception will give you wings to find what you have in your mind"

When I was a teenager, I was asked what job do I want to do? I knew so little about what I wanted to do but had a firm plan. All I knew at that time was to choose something that gives me a secure job. 20 years later, I am looking back, I definitely know more. The journey of discovery and exploration from being a teenager to becoming a managing consultant.


I grew up in a time that education and hard work were the foundations of success. I followed the rules of studying hard, high marks, going to university, getting master's degrees and I got a job. I continued working hard at my job and the result was evident; I was jumping through the ladder fast. Soon I found myself, being employed by one of the biggest firms in the UK, in a management role,  earning good money. Then I started asking ‘am I in the right direction?  

My pursuit of answers to life’s big ‘what?’ ’ led me into the Welsh fields and Himalaya mountains where I had the privilege of being instructed by the teachers. I began a regular meditation practice. And, in parallel to my work, I began investigating many of the world’s wisdom traditions. That’s when something was woken up inside me.  I knew my life was no longer about ‘following dreams’ but following a purpose. The 20th Century idea of ‘follow your dream’ was over;  it wasn’t about happiness anymore but fulfillment. I wanted a different story.


A story that matches the values that I hold.


Today, I enjoy inner satisfaction, fulfillment, and confidence inside and out. I influence my workplace as an authentic mentor who is sprit-free.

If my story sounds attractive, and you want to know if it will work for you too, then I invite you to browse through the available courses.  I think it will be eye-opening and save you from walking away from your incredible potential.

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