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Dear Participant,

Welcome to Career Development Course. Career landscape is changing like no other. With the recent wave of technology and science advancement that has left many in its wake, firms now are searching for employees who have the mindset and flexibility to strive in this fast pacing market . Succeeding in this volatile environment requires a thorough understanding of what the career is and how to deal with it.

This course is designed for anyone to want to start or review their own career and their own potentials using some of solid ideas. The course is a fantastic source of actionable insight, a really easy read, but not simplistic. An engaging tone but not using hyperbole or overwhelming contents. A sensible approach but full of inspirational elements.

You will engage, reading contents, via video lectures and tested-methods that give you the opportunity to reflect on what career means to you. They will also offer unique frameworks and tools proven to help you define sound plans to compete and thrive in this fast-changing landscapes. These new frameworks reflect the realities of modern strategy, introducing concepts that were unknown a decade ago. 

We expect participants to dedicate 2 – 3 hours per week over the 4 weeks of the programme.

Course Agreement

This is a dynamic, fun, and engaging learning experience. Before starting in with the content, please read and acknowledge the following course agreement;

  • Module Tasks: I will read each week’s module instructions and commit to actively completing all tasks for the module including watching faculty videos, participating in discussions, and completing assignments.

  • Discussions: I will actively participate in all programme discussions. I agree that the discussion area of the programme is reserved for postings related to programme work only. Postings of a personal or non-academic nature are not permitted and may be removed by a programme leader.

  • Mutual Respect: I will respect the privacy of other students and the diversity of opinions and cultures that will be present in the programme.

  • Communication: I will not use offensive or inappropriate language in any form of communication, e.g., email messages, discussion postings, submitted assignments.

  • Academic Integrity:I will not reproduce content from your the course unless expressly allowed under the copyright terms laid out by the programme administrator. 

Thank you


Here's a video to give you an overview. 

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  • Find a time and a place that you won't be distracted during your study time. 

  • Have a notebook next to you to write down your thoughts and reflections

  • Follow each module. Read all provided materials and go through and complete the activities outlined, in the order prescribed in the modules.

  • While you are able to access the site on your phone, it's recommended that you use your laptop or PC. 

Four commitments to make

To benefit from this course you need to; Find the time, Emphasise action, Make a plan, Follow your plan

Find the time

Find moments for practice and insight

Emphasise action

People learn by doing, trying, experimenting, and reflecting.

Make a plan

Write down long-term goals with actions

Follow your plan

Put your learning into practice


Your opinion is important to us! We invite you to participate in this program feedback survey and share your valuable feedback with us. It will allow us to further improve your learning experience and cultivate a better learning experience. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey questionnaire at the end of this course.

We request you to kindly provide your feedback about the content, technology, and support rendered during the course of this program through the below link. Thank you.

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At the onset, we would like to thank you for taking this course.


For assistance with any issue please go to the contact page and complete the form. You will receive a prompt response.